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What is the difference between proofreading, copywriting and copy editing?
Copy editing takes the raw text from the author, thoroughly checks the content for consistency and errors and comments on style and structure.

Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process; it is the quality check and tidying-up process.

Copywriting is the composition of original text to the client's brief.

How do I send you my manuscript?
Our preferred method of receiving larger documents is via Dropbox. Just upload your work to Dropbox and then share it with Documents received this way will also be returned via Dropbox.

However, not everybody uses this, so I am also more than happy to take documents via email as well. Just send your work to with the word 'Manuscript' included in the subject line.

Can I send you a handwritten manuscript?
You can. If you're a fan of snail mail then you can post me your work. Details of my postal address can be found on our Contacts page. However, this method will naturally mean it will take longer for the finished work to get back to you and will require close co-operation in order to ensure there are no errors.

How do I pay?
If you'd like to send me a paper bag full of money, I'll happily accept it. However, my preferred payment method is bank transfer - details will be emailed to you along with your invoice. I can also take card payments via PayPal - you don't need your own PayPal account to pay in this way.

What if my project doesn't seem to fit into any of your services?
Don't panic! Just email and I'll be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

What style does RedPen BluePen adhere to?
We are happy to tailor our work to any style guide you wish. However, should you not have any particular style requirements, we will mark everything in line with our own house style guide, a full copy of which can be downloaded here.

What's your Data Protection Policy?
I'm glad you asked. Our Data Protection Policy can be viewed here.

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