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Short Story Competition

Here at RedPen BluePen we are enthusiastic about discovering new writing talent. We're convinced that there are great writers out there who aren't being given their chance to shine. As such, later this summer we will be launching a short story competition.

The theme and word limit for the competition will be announced in due time, as will the prize on offer and details of how to enter. There will be a small entry fee, which will be confirmed when the competition opens so make sure you keep checking back here for updates. And, in the mean time, keep writing.

Projects in progress

Here is where you can find all the latest news about the publishing projects we have in the pipeline. Make sure you check back regularly for updates.

Memoirs of a Jacobite
Set in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden in 1746, the last pitched battle to be fought on British soil and a defining moment in the history of the Great Britain, Memoirs of a Jacobite is an historical fiction novel which tells the story of two brothers fleeing for their lives in the wake of the massacre.

The story is told through the words of Matthew Ross, a fictional Catholic priest from a Protestant family, who joined the army on its return to Scotland in order to fight side-by-side with his older brother. When the scale of the Highland army's defeat hits them, they take flight from the battlefield hoping to avoid the Redcoat soldiers who have been sent to sweep the hills for survivors to be put on trial in England.

Memoirs is currently scheduled for release via Kindle and other electronic media formats  in late 2016.

To whet the appetite, the opening two chapters of the book can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Ane Better King

Though Shakespeare's Macbeth may be one of the most well-known tales in literature, what is known of the historical figure who inspired the Bard's work? Ane Better King is an historical fiction novel which aims to tell a tale of Macbeth more grounded in the reality of the Scottish king.

It is narrated by three of his contemporaries: his wife, Gruoch; his cousin and sometime ally, Thorfinn Jarl of Orkney; and Malcolm, his killer, son of Duncan (later to be Malcolm III). In the absence of Macbeth’s own story we must judge whether any of these narrators are reliable. Do they help us glimpse the elusive figure of Macbeth? Gruoch remembers the life she shared with Macbeth, Thorfinn tells of the power and politics in Scotland and the Orkneys while Malcolm, brought up at the English court of Edward the Confessor, plots revenge and war.

The story opens on the day of Macbeth’s funeral where the mourners gather on Iona, torn between paying respects to the outgoing regime and keeping a weather eye on the continuing battles waged by Malcolm in his campaign to avenge his father and take control of the Scottish crown.

An excerpt of the book can be read here.

Nana's Memoirs

There have been many waves of Scottish emigration to Canada, from the Clearances to the Canadian government actively seeking immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Nana's Memoirs is the account of Isabella Roger (nee Pilmer), who wrote a memoir of her childhood in 19th-century Leith and her experience of emigration to Canada in 1908. Isabella wrote the memoir for her family to help them understand the life she had left and the process of starting a new life.

The memoir is a fascinating document of life in Scotland at that time and the challenges faced in setting up a new life in a new land. Isabella’s original text has been kept intact, with photographs of the places she lived and worked added, along with contextual information about the communities and culture that surrounded her.

This is a work in progress and the full book is expected to be published at the end of 2016, but you can download an excerpt here.

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