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For a limited period take advantage of this fantastic introductory offer. We'll proofread your first 1,000 words for free. Email for further details.

As well as our copywriting and editing services, RedPen BluePen is stepping into the world of publishing and we can take your manuscript, get it ready for publication and then release it into the world - be it on Kindle, iBook or in print. We also provide a tailored marketing campaign to make your work as successful as possible. As writers ourselves, we have banged our heads against the wall of traditional publishing and know the frustration which comes along with it. There is outstanding work being produced which simply isn't being given the chance it deserves to shine. 

We want to change that.

We promise that every manuscript sent to us will be read - before a penny changes hands - and those quality pieces of work which have so far gone ignored will be given their opportunity, with our full weight of talent and experience in the business behind them.

However, we also recognise that for some people, maintaining full control over their work and how it is presented to the world it of the utmost importance, so we also offer a standalone proofreading and editing service, drawing on our knowledge to ensure that the work you take forward is of the best quality. Whatever the needs of the manuscript, we are here to help you get it out, with a professional and personal relationship which keeps you involved through every step of the process.

How does it work?
On receipt of your manuscript, we read it thoroughly within an agreed time frame and offer a full and frank opinion. If we think there is still work to be done before it's ready for publication then we will offer constructive criticism on the changes which can be made. You will not be charged a single penny.

If we consider it to be worthy of publication, there is a charge for the work we do in preparing the manuscript for publication. We keep you involved at every step of the process, working with you to ensure the finished product is what you want it to be and the very best it can be.

We then put our considerable experience to work in publishing and marketing the book, in whatever format has been deemed most suitable. When the cash from sales begins to flow in, rather than offering a meagre 10 per cent as a traditional publisher might (if you happen to have a very good deal), all monies are split 50-50 between RedPen BluePen and the author.

We will always be open and transparent with those authors we work with. They will always have access to sales and revenue figures made from their work. We are invested in your success, we consider it a partnership and we'll be successful together. So what are you waiting for? Get writing that book.

How do I send you my manuscript?
Our preferred method of receiving documents is via Dropbox. Just upload your work to Dropbox and then share it with either or Documents received this way will also be returned via Dropbox.

However, not everybody uses this, so we are also more than happy to take documents via email as well. Just send your work to either or with the word 'Manuscript' included in the subject line.

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